Saturday, March 24, 2012


Spring has always been one of my favorite times of year.  I love the change it brings and the hope of new things.  I love warmer weather, being outside, and flowers.  I normally associate spring with rain and new growth, but spring in Albuquerque will be different than most springs I've seen and so I'm excited to see what spring holds for Geoff and me in New Mexico.  There are many changes going on right now during this season of our lives so read on to hear about just a few.

I continue to learn more about ABQ all the time.  For example, spring can have some very windy days and where there is wind in a dry desert area….there you will find a dust storm.  J  I went to the store one night this week and walked out to a nice windy walk back to my car that involved dirt in my teeth and eyes on the way there.  Then when I got to the car, this is what it looked like:


Just a little motivation to find a car wash now! J

Now that we’ve been here for a little over two months, it’s time for me to REALLY start looking for a job.  My company in Indiana has been awesome in letting me work remotely for them for an interim period while they fill my position, but as that’s coming to an end it is now officially time to start looking for a new job.   (So sad because I'll miss sitting in Starbucks all afternoon!!)

Now, of course I’ve been “looking” since I’ve been here, but not REALLY looking.  I’ve clicked through pages of postings and went to various banks and other employer’s websites, but nothing has really stood out. I’ve applied for one job now—a copy editor position.  That was four days ago.  I’m just hoping to find more things that I actually want to apply for.  Wish me luck!

Yesterday was the closing to sell our first home together in Indiana.  We lived there six years, and it was a wonderful first home.  We're blessed to have it sell so quickly, but of course it is a somewhat emotional thing.

So as we say goodbye to our first house, we get to start thinking about what our next home will be...

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